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what material is good for the vacuum flask?

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what material is good for the vacuum flask?

[guide] what material is good for the insulation cup? the vacuum flask is a daily necessities that are frequently used in our lives. a bad mug material can cause harm to the body. select the cover of the cup to look for the pp material, and the cup is made of 304 stainless steel.

insulation cups are the daily necessities used in our daily life, so we must pay attention to the selection of the material of the thermos cup. the bad cup material will cause harm to the body. the material of the cup is from the material of the cup and the material of the cup. 2 aspects for everyone to introduce, what material is good for the insulation cup?

1. select the insulation cup cover and look for the pp material.

each plastic container has a triangular symbol on its body (usually at the bottom of the plastic container). there are 1-7 numbers inside the triangle. each number represents their material, "no. 1 pet", "no. 2 hdpe", “no. 3 pvc”, “no. 4 ldpe”, “no. 6 ps”.

among them, "no. 5" pp (polypropylene) is a safe plastic material, the only plastic that can be placed in a microwave oven. therefore, when choosing a vacuum cup, everyone chooses the insulation cup cover to make the best pp material. all major mug brands also have pp sports cups or children's cups.

2, insulation cup body, look for 304 stainless steel material

the insulation cups are basically made of stainless steel, but the stainless steel materials are also divided into many types, such as 304, 316, 201, etc. the following is a detailed explanation of the differences between the materials.

304 stainless steel (18/8): internationally recognized food grade (processed and filled) stainless steel, 18/8 means that this stainless steel material contains 18% chromium and contains 8% nickel. the material meeting this standard has excellent corrosion resistance. performance and good processability. it is a material that is absolutely safe and hygienic. it is the most common and safest raw material for high quality vacuum flasks.

316 stainless steel (18/10): medical grade stainless steel! its corrosion resistance, easy processing and welding performance are better than 304, but the cost is very high. except for medical equipment in the hospital, if it is not special requirements, the manufacturer will not use it.

201 stainless steel: acid and alkali resistance is much weaker than grade 304. it is mostly used in the production of industrial steel pipes, decoration materials, watch cases, straps, etc. due to the low cost of materials, some unscrupulous merchants use 201 grade stainless steel as 304 to manufacture utensils for eating. if they are heated for a long time, they will easily produce rust and endanger health. remind everyone to pay attention when buying!

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