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huaxiang vacuum cup tips

source:zhejiang huaxiang cup industry co., ltd.release time:2019-10-29

huaxiang vacuum cup is made of excellent stainless steel material and refined by advanced tailless brazing technology. the cup body is divided into inner tank and outer shell, and the middle is vacuum insulation layer. during vacuuming, the cup body should be at 300 degrees. in high temperature, it is baked continuously for more than six hours until it reaches a high vacuum state. it is a good cold insulation function of the huaxiang vacuum cup. it can pour 96 degrees of hot water at normal temperature and 30 degrees after six hours. the above warm water can be drunk, it can be said that it is warm in winter and cool in summer, and compared with plastic cups, glass cups and other water cups, it has the advantages of environmental protection, no bursting, durability, etc., and then finely crafted through dozens of processes. hey, the whole cup looks elegant, simple and generous, it is a home travel, business gift of the best.

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